The Client

For a multinational computer software company

3000+ employees across 9 Asia Pacific countries

The Challenge

Managing multiple payroll vendors across regions

Manual intervention for global reporting

Lack of standardized reporting

Solution Offered

  • Excelity rolled out a regional payroll solution along with regional partners focusing on flexibility, automation and consolidated reporting while leveraging its own technology experience and ensuring data security

The Excelity Edge

  • Ensured legal and regulatory compliance
  • Vendor consolidation – From 9 to 1
  • Standardized and automated reporting
  • Created a single window for payroll operation for the client organization across the region

Insights and Resources

HR Powered by Technology

HR Powered by Technology

Technology is a great enabler; organizations that combineHR and technology seamlessly, will outshine their peers


The Pit Stop

The Pit Stop

Outsourcing solutions to empower your HR organization


Mpowering the new age workforce

Mpowering the New Age Workforce

Total number of app users will reach 2 Billion by 2017 in the APAC region