Automate and improve your expense processing

Benefits administration, business expenses and claims management made simple!


Keep track of each expense and claim governed
through approvals and limits

Custom claim processes, limits and entitlement rules

Define a comprehensive claims setup where entitlement rules, approval processes, document requirements, etc. can be easily configured in the system.

Simple self-setup

Employees can manage, generate and consolidate expense reports and maintain the organisation's reimbursement policies themselves.

Governed approval

Up to three levels of web-based approval workflow with email notification features.


Get notifications whenever an application is approved, rejected, or cancelled.

Simplified reports for self-service

Enable the administrators to consolidate business expense data periodically, and generate expense reports.

Reduce paperwork, save time,
and coordinate easily

Enables managers to verify and approve or reject team members’ claims.

Get notifications whenever an application is approved, rejected, or cancelled.

Web-based approval workflow up to three levels with email notification features.

Generate a host of reports, such as claim listings, claim summary and more.

Administrators can define eligibility and entitlement for claims.

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With Mobile HCM, empower employees to put requests, seek approvals and view Core HR details on the go.

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Receive actionable insights through real-time analytics and easily comprehensible reports.

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Increase productivity and ease of usage through our artificial intelligence (AI) powered chat assistant - Excelia.

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Third-Party API

Easy integration with a variety of third-party applications (WorkDay, SuccessFactors, Oracle HRMS and more).

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Success stories with us

Claims and Expenses management for one of the busiest international
airports of Southeast Asia.

Find out how Excelity HCM's Claims and Expenses Management solutions has helped businesses reduce time taken to approve claims by 50% in the aviation sector.

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