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Workforce performance management for an agro-chemical industry pioneer present in 70 countries.

The Client

Being a three-decade old Indian MNC

with extensive global presence, they offer international quality agro-chemical products ethically produced and sourced.

They have been serving farmers across borders by building global partnerships, supplying high-quality and cost-effective crop protection chemicals for the last decade.

At a glance


of the goals set in the previous year were accomplished due to streamlining


misalignment of workforce was corrected


job satisfaction rating in a company-wide employee satisfaction index after a 6 month period

The Challenge

Employee performance management at the company was performed erratically and in silos. There was no benchmark to gauge performance of any two similar teams or different teams altogether. Individual goals and KRA’s were not in alignment with that of the company. This led tocommunication and expectation gaps between mid and low level employees. Due to the lack of a performance/feedback tracker and inconsistent goal-setting, employee morale was low.

The absence of a proper channel for notifying the workforce was hampering business growth and affecting employee performance. This restrained the multinational organisation from setting up aworkplan for the future. The organisation was not able to judge employee potential and align them with appropriate job profiles.

Solutions offered

A single solution to efficiently track, manage and improve individual and team performance across the organisation- Excelity’s Performance Management module.


A unified platform that allows both managers and employees to set and review SMART goals broken down into milestones based on mutual understanding and discussion. It provided real time insight into how effectively employees are performing, and where they excel or need to develop their skills.

Performance parameters were now driven and reviewed basis data and analytics rather than "manager instincts". There was considerable clarity for all stakeholders on what was expected.

Percolating management goals down to the lowest level of employees was now possible. Managers were now able to structure a set of modules to track the range of immediate goals across teams and map out the future endeavours for employees and teams.

Employee’s personal goals are duly aligned with that of the unit’s and organisation’s to encourage them to work collectively towards the same objective.

Rather than being reactive, managers and employees were more proactive in their approach to work and planning for the future.

Reviews could now be set quarterly, 6 monthly, annually or even weekly or fortnightly to ensure quality manager-employee interaction.

With individual competency analysis of employees, talents were groomed and given the nudge to perform at the next level. This ensured the proper alignment of work and promotions to the most deserving employees.

With the competency modules, the distinguishing behaviours of individuals are easily identified and the work is aligned accordingly ensuring optimum results.

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More than 30% of the previous unachieved goals were accomplished.

20-30% of misalignment of workforce was corrected.

An internal assessment showed that more than 70% of the employees felt valued in the organisation leveraging the employee satisfaction index considerably.

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