Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance management of Asia's largest plastic processor of moulded products.

The Client

Founded by first generation entrepreneurs, this corporate

leadership is the world's largest manufacturer of moulded furniture with a product range comprising of plastic furniture, material handling bins, center tables, insulated crates etc. They are listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange since 1991. This giant firm’s turnover exceeded INR. 2000cr in FY15/16. They have as many as 9 manufacturing plants spread across boundaries, including that in Srilanka.

At a glance


accuracy in maintaining weekly and monthly timesheet reports


improvement in streamlining workforce by exporting reports and analyzing key employee data


automation and zero human errors as a result of automating job costing for accurate payroll

The Challenge

With the pride of being such a widespread and well-known company, comes the difficulties of keeping track of the entire workforce. It was perilous to manually consolidate the information of the attendance and overtime hours entered into the physical registers,feeding that into the system and then validating the data for completing the payroll process. It caused much delay in taking decisions and to remunerate/reimburse accordingly.

Solutions offered

With our Time and Attendance management module in place, overtime rules and applicability were automatically configured into the system. Reimbursements/remunerations were meted out based on these set rules without any need for manual intervention or validation.

All the clock-ins and clock-outs were automatically synced into the database. So, any benefit or expenditure claims could be instantly validated with the information that was readily available.

All the data of the present or absentee employees was collected via biometric devices, which eliminated the need for maintaining manual rosters.

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A considerable reduction in chance human errors by automated data capturing of all the Ins and Outs.

Effective management by assigning resources and manpower with greater overview.

Minimise compliance risks by automating rules and calculations.


A reduction of manual validation and approval resulted in on-time payment of approved wages.

By reducing the steps of entry, validation and approval, they were able to eliminate the added workload of a considerable number of employees across locations.

Automated and accurate over-time reporting got rid of human errors. This helped the employees to get their claims cleared on time.

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