Mobile Timesheet
Mobile Timesheet module for a pioneer in the staffing industry offering contingent staffing solutions to various sectors.

The Client

They are the undisputed leader in innovative workforce solutions

connecting a wide range of industries with the right skills-set through their umbrella of brands. In 2014, they became the Supplier of the year for World’s Largest MSP Firm and in the following year, they got crowned to be the Strategic Partner of the Year. With extensive experience across countries and specialisations, they offer tailor-made solutions for every requirement.

At a glance


workforce visibility with GPS location tracking in real time


improvement in streamlining shift schedules


accuracy increase in client billing basis the time spent on projects

The Challenge

Although they had their organisational matrix to capture their recruitment necessities, a widespread concern like theirs was not able to effectively track an employee’s whereabouts. And as a chunk of their workforce mostly functioned from outside the office premises, it was becoming increasingly difficult to monitor if the employees have reached and started their work on time or not. This reduced the efficiency and proper utilisation of the workforce.

Solutions offered

With the GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking capabilities of our Mobile Timesheet module, the admin could track an employee and receive details of the whereabouts of a specific individual. This helped track the employees on field, especially who were working from outside the office premises and gave the admin a better control on the performance of the available workforce.

In lieu of the tracking capability, work could be aligned to the employees taking into account their physical location at the moment. This had a manifold effect on the optimum use of the workforce.

The live-tracking also helped the employees with their overtime wage claims. The manager could validate the claim, based on the consolidated tracking data of the particular employee at work.

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The Mobile Timesheet module helps increase the efficiency of core activities by enabling visibility of an employee’s actual engagement in office. The manager can easily spot out-of-sight costs and underperforming projects that would otherwise have flown under the radar.

It is easy for the admin to engage and retain talent with a one-stop solution for effectively managing compensations, expenses, claims and rewarding performances.

The Mobile Timesheet can be accessed anywhere, anytime, with the OS-friendly application.


Companies are able to make optimum use of the available workforce and generate more revenue.

The total number of people reporting to the reporting managers was reduced by 25%.

Accurate over time reporting with live employee tracking, helped generate 4% additional revenue.

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