E Pay
PaaS based payroll platform solution for one of the leading Singapore based educational institutions

The Client

One of Singapore’s oldest universities, having a combined

strength of over 40,000 students, faculty and staff put together, across 8 schools and colleges spread over the island of Singapore.
With campuses in 3 locations, offering specialization and education in different fields of study, not limited to business, engineering, science, humanities, Arts and many more, the university is lauded as one of the best in the world and has been conferred with prestigious awards and recognition.

At a glance


working day needed to process payroll


payroll data accuracy month on month


more available time for HR jobs apart from payroll processing

The Challenge

Managing Payroll data calculation for over 10,000 employees across multiple locations is not only time-consuming but is also difficult to compute accurately month on month, without the help of a modern payroll solution. The limitations of a legacy payroll software are quickly exposed once different payroll complexities and logics come into play. The inflexible nature of legacy software usually results in additional documentation and resorting to manual calculation and payroll data entry. This resulted in inaccuracies creeping in and due to multiple business locations and large teams of employees, payroll processing data was not consolidated and was a tedious process.

Solutions Offered

EPay-An easily integrable, secure and configurable web-based payroll platform with dynamic dashboard and reporting functionalities that can be fine-tuned as per requirements.


With the new proprietary payroll platform and PDA (Payroll Data Aggregator), the university was able to consolidate payroll data across all its campuses in a single place and payroll processing in silos was put to an end.

Any queries related to the payroll process or migration to the platform were instantly addressed by the assigned Account Manager.

  • Now payroll specific calculations like, calculating earnings and deductions, processing tax, and handling last mile regulations and compliances were done with minimal to no manual input.
  • It increased transparency and improved accuracy of payroll data.
  • Due to a cloud-based setup, once processed, payroll related data could be accessed by employees as well as HR personnel on the go and across locations through the Employee Self Server (ESS) Portal provided by Excelity.
  • Due to the highly configurable and easy to integrate functionality of EPay, integration with the university’s ERP systems was completely automated and made the process easy and seamless.
  • Employee data was pulled from the ERP for payroll processing and clean and accurate data is pushed to the payroll application/platform.The payroll processing is initiated automatically, without user intervention, so that users can directly load the reports and start the verification process.
  • Ease of report generation with custom calculations and financial costing through ad hoc reporting tool.
  • This considerably reduced the burden on the HR personnel and provided the HR team the time they needed to focus on strategic issues and on driving the business forward.
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1 working day needed to process payroll

100% payroll data accuracy month on month

25% more available time for HR jobs apart from payroll processing

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