Client since 2003, through 3 contact-renewals, and avails Excelity’s Payroll Outsourcing services in 2 countries- Singapore and Malaysia.

The biggest pain area for the client was paper-based payroll processing and manual payroll reporting.

Manual tracking of flexible benefits and payroll: Every payroll has a variable value that is part of the salary structure. The client lacked an automated system in place to keep a track and key in all the values so these were entered manually in MS Excel. A database was created within the system to standardize salary components and maintain the overall flexi structure in an orderly manner. As a result, various salary components like rent, bills, and additional expenses like travelling expenses, that were not properly defined and structured, were documented and increased clarity between the employees and the HR team.

As a result of no payroll platform being in place, payroll processing across departments for 9000 employees was done manually, leading to time consumption and tedious paperwork rather than focusing on core HR tasks. The chances of calculation errors and inaccuracies was high. Also, delays in payroll processing for certain departments would take place due to the data not being collated and processed on time.

As is the case in any bank setup, a lot of the day to day operations were people driven rather than process driven. In the case of payroll processing, the payroll related employee data was captured and processed as per the discretion or preference of the HR personnel in terms of the salary components and structure. In the absence of qualified payroll personnel, it was difficult to process payroll efficeintly and on time.

Solutions offered

Across geograpghies and branches, it took 7 months for implementation. Re-engineered payroll process by building interfaces for HR inputs with the client's existing Oracle HRMS. Interface with Financial GL system was also completed. Web-based system for eServices - ePayslip/ tax and employee enrolment, viewpoints and claim submission was provided.

Interfacing with the financial system: Some clients have different financial systems for different vendors. After the payroll process is done, there is a General Voucher that files the data regarding the financial info. Eg. A is a particular centre and the billing will be done under that particular center. The voucher will have the billing data for each center, since the booking has to be done within that particular cost centre. Now the file is pushed to the client’s financial system as an outbound interface. Throught the app, Excelity captures both inbound and outbound interfaces and has established an outbound interface with the client to provide the files.

Employee enrolment viewpoint: Due to the configurable nature of the platform, benefits could be configured for employees by the HR personnel.

Employee hotline: Provided customer care and on call and on premise technical support to the client.

Flex benefit systems: Earlier they had the flexi benefit system providing components for the flexibility of employees and reimbursements, which was not structured. We gave them a structure which could be updated by the HR and employees as well. For Instance, if in a month an employee had to accrue 500 miles of more travel for work, in the instance that it was claimed for through ESS the HR could track it via e-way bills and fuel measure, and modified component would be added in the employees next paycheck.

Cashless billing through mobile app: The client required that payroll and additional expenses payment should not take place directly or in cash, it had to be documented and captured so through Excelity's mobile app payments of the claims were done through mobile app and also via bank files.


Automated file transmission processes for efficient and effective means of receiving and sending employee payroll data inputs and outputs.

Full web-enabled flexible benefit system.

Continuous enhancement on the flex module using mobile apps without payment directly via bank and cashless billing.

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