Our client is a leading integrated healthcare service provider in India, comprising of hospitals, diagnostics and day care specialty facilities.

With 62 legal entities under its fold, the company operates in India, Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka with 45 healthcare facilities.

The lack of a unified payroll processing and reporting mechanism was their primary problem.

Also, manual consolidation of inputs and communication between departments via email posed great security concern, with the risk of salaries and bank account details getting leaked. There was also no means to recover lost data.

The payroll calculation and salary disbursal would significantly get delayed because of the time consuming process of data consolidation, data exchange, reporting and consolidation, etc., with the additional risk of government penalties, as there was also considerable delay in submitting Form 16.

Solutions offered

After the first round of discussions it was evident the the client needed a highly configurable unified payroll processing platform that could consolidate and process data from 62 entities across countries.
And EPay had it all.

EPay allowed the client’s administrators to directly upload data on a single application in a standard format, reducing the need for manual input via e-mails. This significantly reduced the risk of getting hacked and other problems associated with email transfers, like data tracking, unnecessary time-consumption inability to consolidate payroll details in a single place.

EPay works in multiple ways to protect and distribute the confidential payroll data and collates it on a day to day basis from multiple regions and processes it. Basis the dates for a particular country’s payroll cycle, the data would then be sent to that country’s payroll processing software.

Excelity’s BCP capabilities allowed for any mishap occurring resulting in the loss of valuable data, to be reversed and allowed data restoration to the client’s servers directly, from the available daily, weekly, monthly backup of data. Their process became smoother and harmonise with one consolidated system.

Excelity also provides advice for getting a parity of rules, compiling the array of methods of calculations used by the different entities for better result in lesser time with reduced efforts. It also makes comparison within the statistics of the payroll reports of the entities easier.

Input consolidation through Excelity’s ESS with approval flow for administrators allowed for a review of the status of input uploaded by the legal entities. Sixty-two people with 62 different login ids from 62 entities upload data on the application. Once data is uploaded on the system, all the data is sent to the approving officers for validation. Even the level of validation is customizable according to the needs of the business.

The Formula Builder feature allowed administrators to achieve any customised result as long as they could provide input parameters and this allowed the client to build custom formulas and perform specific calculations without having to rely on external applications or additional manual effort.

Excelity’s robust processes ensure accurate and timely delivery of outputs with all the input being validated through an approval authority, and all the outputs validated via the Native Checker. The whole approval process goes through a continuous loop to arrive at the result without any discrepancies.


The healthcare giant is delighted with the
implementation of the efficient Excelity system and
elimination of all the mismatches.

Excelity has been able to implement and positively affect all 48 entities within one month, and completed the implementation of all 62 entities within 3 months. This also caused a substantial cost reduction on the client’s end by about 60%, by reducing manual dependency. The surplus HR manpower could now be utilised productively for more meaningful and strategic work.

With the ease of data availability on the mobile app and Employee Self-Service portal, Excelity’s EPay became the one-stop solution for all the required data of all the 62 entities of Fortis.

An independent survey got us a rating of 4.5 out of 5 for our services. And we couldn’t be happier!

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