The client employs approximately 102,000 people across over 100 countries, does business in more than 130 countries, and reported annual revenues in excess of €20 billion in 2017.

Despite being a global leader in the field of telecommunications information technology, and consumer electronics, the client had a diverse employee structure and HR processes at almost every business location. There was no standard hierarchy in terms of HR processes, pay grades lacked a unified structure or a structured payroll process as HCM tools varied from country to country. There were disparities in salary structures, components as well.

Working at a global powerhouse, has its fair share of perks as well as handicaps. One such handicap was the high attrition rate of HR personnel due to the challenging nature of getting the best talent on boarded as well as keep them engaged while performing all HR related tasks.

Due to frequent changes in HR personnel, payroll processing would suffer due to the different individual styles of payroll calculations of the HR person. This led to discrepancies in payroll structures across business entities. There was no standard process to review or process payroll and consolidate the data and any one person couldn’t take stock of employee remuneration if needed due to the high number of variables introduced by different HR personnel at different locations.

Solutions offered

After an assessment it was imperative to standardize the payroll structure as well as standardize and document data input so that data output was similar across regions and any new staff is aware of the payroll process.

And EPay had it all.

At Excelity, a knowledge management document is maintained for the client which is under the purview of the dedicated account manager. It maintains all the components regarding the structure, how a particular calculation is done and all the other required details. This allows new HR personnel to get an idea of how structuring is enables them to do a much better job.

Consolidation of reports: Through the reports and analytics provided by Epay the client could avail a consolidated report where they could see a unified report of payroll data of all the countries using Excelity’s EPay. The customized format that the payroll report had to be in could also be set as per the needs or requirements of the client.

Provide on-site support: Excelity payroll experts were deployed at client offices to help with the smooth integration of the software and knowledge transfer with respect to consolidation of data, input values, calculation logics as well as setting custom logics using Excelity’s Formula Builder.

HR and finance teams supported by on call support: On call help-desk support for the employees was provided to answer any salary related questions.

Payroll implementation during merger: In the event of mergers between the global leader and other players, Excelity’s Epay solution was rolled-out to the newly acquired subsidiary in the fastest manner possible and training was provided to the HR personnel on how to use the platform for smooth payroll operations.


Enhanced employee experience due to common payslips as movement between countries is high.

Standardization of payroll processes and employee experience.

HR and finance supported with good resources.

Integrated entities from mergers in all countries.

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