Third party integration for Asia’s largest online property portal group and the preferred destination for over 25 million property seekers

The Client

Being launched in 2017, this property-portal revolutionised

the Singapore realty market by taking it online and made property search transparent for the property seeker. Over the decade, the group has grown to become a high-growth technology company with a robust portfolio of No.1 property portals and is now the industry-leading property offeror spread over 11 countries in Asia.

At a glance


reduction in costs and investments due to integration of old with the new system


reduction in the necessary time and efforts to perform tasks due to integrated solution


control in information sharing due to universal access of systems and data

The Challenge

The organisation already had a service provider in place, but it lacked a module for the compact consolidation of all the required data, which hindered the proper utilisation of the available information. Activities like the validation and approval of information had to be done manually, which was extremely time-consuming and labourious.

Solutions offered

Their HR team wanted to stick with the module of their existing vendor, but theirs lacked the strong integration capabilities, that a huge organisation needed for proper functioning. We were able to offer a combined solution integrating their individual modules to give them a holistic HR experience.

We worked side-by-side with their existing provider to offer them a combined final integrated solution, tailor-made for their requirements.

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Our successful integration with the third party vendor ensured that the relationship between the two was not hampered, all the while providing the company with the required set of efficient modules.

With our modules in place, there remained no need for any manual interventions, doing away with the chance-errors.


The third party integration that would usually have taken about 6-12 months to complete, we did away with in just 2 months.

It had an extreme positive impact on the workings of the property-listing portal, saving on much of the time and labour spent on keeping a continuous manual tab on the input data.

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